Teledildonics and Live Cams

22 agosto, 2018

Teledildonics and Live Cams

The world is become a smaller and cooler place thanks to emerging technologies. If you thought watching a cam girl masturbate on camera was exciting imagine if you could find a way to pleasure her the way she likes through your computer or device. Now imagine that same cam girl being able to do the same to you! Teledildonics might just be the answer.

Teledildonics otherwise known as cyberdildonics are sex toys that can be controlled by a computer for the user wearing the sex toy to achieve orgasms. This allows users to simulate sex over long distances. It does not take too much to identify the potential of teledildonics. As this new technology becomes more and more accessible, adult companies are scrambling to see how it will blend with their core product.

The original idea was for long distance couples to be able to really “reach out and touch someone” and pleasure each other. When one person fondles and touches their toy. The other person can feel the same pressure and movement. The technology is still new and many developers are getting their head around it now (pun intended).

Imagine though a world where a cam model can control the pleasure you feel through pleasuring herself and you can simultaneously give that same pleasure back. In the future we may also see full body suits and other naughty peripherals that enhance the experience further.

Brands to support this new innovation have sprung up in recent months. Many are furthering the technology to include  “bluedildonics” or sex toys controlled through blue tooth. Unfortunately this is still very expensive  so teledildonics are not very accessible.

A company named Kiiroo has created one of the most popular teledildonic toys thus far. Females wear the Kirroo OPue which is a dildo that vibrates. It is controlled with sensors inside that allows the computer and other user to control it. Men wear the Kirroo SVir which is similar to a fleshlight and also equipped with sensor technology.

So far there is a significant downside. In tests thus far it’s been reported that females are experiencing less pleasure than men while using teledildonics. They have yet to find a way to have the OPue receive information and use it’s sensor the same way that the SVir is responding. Male cam viewers would receive more pleasure at this time.

We continue to be hopeful for the future of sex toys and the opportunities teledildonics brings. Imagine a cam girl uses her sex toys as she regularly would to pleasure herself but every viewer feels every sensation? The chance for more intense and interactive private shows become a reality. Teledildonics could be a game changer when it comes to enjoying live cam shows and other adult material.

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